In 1989, the first season of Kadejan was merely custom processing for area farmers and the pheasants from the hunting preserve that was started by Pete Thorfinnson. With these pheasants he began to develop a market in fine restaurants in the twin cities area. As he was working with various chefs many were asking for “free range hens”. He finally ventured to ask the question…”What is a free range hen?” Only to find out that it is exactly what he processes all summer long. Herein lies the beginnings of Kadejan chicken. Since 1989 Kadejan has continued to grow by Gods grace; we built a new processing facility in 2007 and turned our old plant into a hatchery for our growers. Then in July 2009 we opened Kadejan Market. The Market features our famous chicken, fresh organic produce, grocery items and other local foods.