How are Kadejan chickens raised ?

Our chickensĀ are allowed to free roam in spacious barns that allow plenty of natural light and air, weather permitting.

Do you vaccinate or use antibiotics?

Kadejan chickens do not receive antibiotics or vaccines; we use organic oregano to help birds stay healthy.

What do you feed your chickens?

Kadejan chickens are fed a diet of corn, soy, essential vitamins, and minerals. The completion of our own feed mill in 2018 will start our transition to non-GMO grown feed.

Do you use any growth stimulants?

We add no growth or eating stimulants to the feed.

What does natural mean to Kadejan?

Natural means nothing added beyond the essentials, and processed in a way that does not alter the product.

Where did the name Kadejan come from?

It is an acronym for the owner’s children.